• Pacific Wave Eco Friendly Sevylor Two Man Kayak

Eco-Friendly Eco-Friendly Yacht Charter Vacations

Pacific Wave encourages and promotes our guests to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The British Virgin Islands are still relatively unspoiled and we try to protect this delicate eco system wherever possible.


When we are not sailing we promote the use of our eco-friendly watersports, swimming, snorkeling and exploring the beautiful secluded bays in the BVI with our two brand new rigid Abaco Kayaks.


The coral is extremely delicate so whilst anchoring, swimming and snorkeling we are extremely careful to avoid any damage to the beautiful corals.

Water Maker

Pacific Wave has a Spectra Water Maker onboard and so guests are welcome to drink this pure water. For guests who prefer to drink sealed bottles of water, we purchase eco-friendly bottles which use 1/3rd of the amount of plastic during manufacture.

Prices held at 2016 rates - No increase for additional Taxes & Charges in the BVI