Filming & Photoshoots In The Caribbean

Pacific Wave is the perfect Caribbean-based yacht for filming and photo shoots. We offer shoots by day for up to a maximum of 10 guests onboard in the beautiful British Virgin Islands. We will pick you up from the dock at Scrub Island Marina and sail to the best location for you to obtain an idyllic backdrop for your photographs.

We will also put you in touch with the BVI Film Commission so you can obtain prior approval and purchase the required license to undertake the photo shoots and seek work permits if required.

Through previous experience in this field we understand fully what is involved and how important it is for you to capture the images you need. We assist you by recommending locations which will achieve your desired presentation. Due to the amount of photographic equipment involved, we only offer Pacific Wave for day charters for film and photo shoots.

Prices held at 2017 rates - No increase for additional Taxes & Charges in the BVI