• Pacific Wave Testimonials anchored in the BVI

Real Testimonials

What our guests say about their time on board Pacific Wave.

“Dear Lynn and Mark,

Thank you for an absolutely wonderful week aboard Pacific Wave. Carole, Gordon, Owen, Benny, James and I enjoyed ourselves immensely! Your warm hospitality and excellent cooking together with your superb choice of anchorages made this the best family vacation we have ever had.
Pacific Wave is a beautiful vessel. The care and love you have for her and each other are very special. We didn’t feel like we were on a charter; rather we felt like we were sailing with old friends. I have been taking notes all week on how to run a successful charter so I can run off and chase my own dreams, however I doubt that I would ever be able to do it as well as you both do!
The highlights of our trip:
– mooring between the Pitons
– perfect sail to and from Bequia
– deep sea sport fishing ( 🙂 smile! )
– turtles, turtles, turtles!
– New Years Eve in Bequia
– the secluded crescent beach at Chatham Bay
– and of course the 5 star 3 course meals every night!
I would love to come back to Pacific Wave again and perhaps learn a bit more about the chartering business if you will let me! We all had a truly fantastic holiday. Sincerely thank you for everything,
Much love,

Dave, Carole, Gordon, Ben, James, & Owen - Houston USA & Toronto CanadaCharter 26.12 - 02.01.20 - Grenadines - Family New Year Charter

“Dear Lynn & Mark

We just had the holiday of a lifetime sailing around the stunning islands of the Grenadines aboard a gorgeous sailing yacht. We were looked after like Royalty by Lynn & Mark. The freshly cooked food on board Pacific Wave was delicious! Thank you both so such an amazing holiday.”

Jeff & Karen – Cheshire UKCharter 08.12 - 15.12.19 - St Lucia/Grenadines - Couple

“Lynn & Mark

We cannot thank you enough for our romantic getaway on board the beautiful Pacific Wave. The cuisine was amazing thank you Mark! The weather was outstanding and the islands were so lovely. We had the perfect week and now have two new friends!”

Steven & Samantha – London UKCharter 25.11 - 02.12.19 - Grenadines - Couple

“Dear Lynn & Mark,

Thanks so much for a great week.  We had just the right combination of sailing and down time that both of us enjoyed it.

Mark the food was great and Lynn you were always at hand for our every need.

Thanks so much and we hope to see you in the BVI.”

John & Debbie - Switzerland & PortugalCharter 16.11 - 23.11.19 - Grenadines - Wedding Anniversary Couple

“Dear Lynn & Mark

Thank you both for the best family adventure we have ever had! Joining Pacific Wave in Marigot Bay St Lucia was the perfect start to our holiday. Spending a night at the majestic Pitons was truly amazing! And then sailing around the Grenadines, exploring Bequia, Mustique, Union Island and our favourite Tobago Cays was magical! We enjoyed it so much we plan to do it again next year.”

Simon, Jayne, Mark & William – Cambridge UKCharter 26.10 - 02.11.19 - St Lucia/Grenadines - Family of Four

“Mark & Lynn

Thank you for the most wonderful week in St Lucia. So many fantastic moments – the food, snorkelling, fishing and Piton! A wonderful family holiday – thank you!”

Lucinda, John, James & Edward – Aylesbury UK

Lucinda, John, James & Edward - Aylesbury UKCharter 08.07 - 15.07.19 - St Lucia - Family of Four

“Lynn and Mark

Thanks for a trip of a lifetime exploring the Virgin Islands. We always go away for the holidays but this has got to be the best trip yet, you guys are awesome! We had the perfect mix of quiet anchorages and fun beach bars. We’ll be back to sail on the Pacific Wave again!”

Jeff & Suzie, Bryan & Helen – California USACharter 04.05 - 11.05.19 - USVI/BVI - Two Couples

“Dear Lynn & Mark

Thank you both for a great Easter afloat on board the lovely Pacific Wave. Your knowledge of the islands was outstanding, and Mark’s cuisine was delicious. We will miss you both as we sadly leave your beautiful yacht and our new friends. We’re already making plans for our return trip. All the best”

Mark and Katie – London UKCharter 19.04 - 26.04.19 - USVI/BVI - Couple

“Lynn & Mark

This has got to be the best Spring Break ever! What a blast aboard SY Pacific Wave the kids loved it! It going to be difficult to get the kids ashore after sailing for a week in the BVIs. Thanks for all the delicious meals and for making sure that the kids had lots of fun. Hope to continue the adventure soon.”

Marcus, Holly, Abigail & Lucas – Austin USACharter 16.03 - 23.03.19 - USVI/BVI - Family of Four

“Dear Lynn & Mark

From the minute we stepped aboard the stunning Pacific Wave we knew that we were in safe hands. As non-sailors we felt perfectly safe and relaxed for the whole holiday. What a great way to explore the amazing islands of the Caribbean. The beaches in the British Virgin Islands were amazing. We loved visiting a different island every day and sipping a G&T every evening watching the stunning sunsets. Thanks for making our holiday special! We’re going to tell all of our friends about our amazing adventure.”

Helene and Janette – London UKCharter 24.02 - 06.03.19 - USVI/BVI - Two Friends

“Lynn & Mark

Thank you so much for a perfect week – the best I’ve ever spent sailing! Fantastic food, great seamanship and two of the finest people I’ve met. My best to both of you.

Sincerely, Alan”

“Lynn and Mark

Thank you for the most spectacular family vacation I’ve ever had! Your hospitality is superb! Snorkelling, sailing, dining all exceed expectations. I hope we’ll make it back some day soon.


“Lynn & Mark

Thank you for a trip of a lifetime! The snorkelling, sailing and food was awesome! Our family enjoyed your hospitality.

Jill, Colin & Evan”

“Lynn & Mark,

Thank you so much for everything! There wasn’t a thing that we would have changed at all! I am especially grateful for the care and attentiveness shown to my father. Thanks for being so very kind. The food was delicious, the stories and answers to our 1,000,000 questions were informative and very interesting.

Best to you both


Alan, Colin, Jill, Evan, Jeff & Meg - Ohio USACharter 16.02 - 23.02.19 - USVI/BVI - Family

“The perfect honeymoon!

The Pacific Wave is a beautiful and majestic vessel! We thoroughly enjoyed sailing on her around the magical BVI….

Lynn and Mark were the perfect hosts: they could not have done anything more to make us feel more special and make our stay any more enjoyable. From showing us around idyllic islands and underwater shipwrecks, to letting us take the helm and then sampling Mark’s culinary masterpieces… we loved every moment onboard the Pacific Wave and have made memorable, unforgettable memories!

Thank you for making our dreams come true! We hope to see you again soon, maybe sailing in the beautiful Grenadines!”

Vale & Mike - Malaga SpainCharter 24.01 - 31.01.19 - BVI - Honeymoon Couple

“Leaving Pacific Wave today is like leaving our family. Lynn and Mark made us feel special. We enjoyed every single wave of sailing. Our hearts were broken over the devastation to the beautiful Virgin Islands, but our favourite spot was Virgin Gorda. The Caves and the Baths were thrilling. Hiking to Gorda Peak was breath taking. For sailing, we felt safe and happy, Lynn making sure we had one hand for the ship and one hand on the rail. Mark showed us how to tie nautical knots and Tony was the unofficial first mate. The food was delicious and the sailing was, as Tony put it, ‘exhilarating’. Katie spent most of her time basking in the sun. She was ‘sun kissed’. Thank you for being you and for your beautiful vessel Pacific Wave! Thank you!!”

Linda, Ron, Katie & Tony - New York USA & CanadaCharter 28.12 - 04.01.19 - USVI/BVI - 4 guests

“Dear Lynn and Mark,

There aren’t enough superlatives to describe this holiday. We loved every day of this Grenadines experience, after previously exploring the BVIs with Lynn and Mark on two occasions. Snorkelling with the turtles and starfish on the Tobago Cays, in crystal clear turquoise water was the highlight of our trip. Creative dinners on the beautiful Pacific Wave and lovely local restaurants topped off a wonderful week. The extra touches provided by Lynn were so appreciated. What a great team! We love you guys!”

Suzanne, Helen, Jean & John – Melbourne AustraliaCharter 25.11 – 02.12.18 Grenada/Grenadines – 4 guests

“Dear Lynn and Mark

We would like to thank you both for an excellent week exploring the wonderful islands of the Grenadines. We enjoyed beautiful weather, magnificent sailing, great company and outstanding cuisine on Pacific Wave. Dining beneath the stars every evening was amazing as was swimming with turtles in Tobago Cays. Thank you for a great week!”

Andrew & Annette – London UKCharter 17.06 - 24.06.18 - Grenadines - Couple

“Where to start?

The boat is beautiful. We knew we had picked the right one when people on other yachts came by just to photograph us.

The BVI lived up to the hype. We particularly liked the quieter anchorages on Norman and JVD, and the kids loved the secret beach you took us to on Virgin Gorda. The color of the water blew us away and we now have two enthusiastic young divers. Other vacation destinations just won’t compare – or have so many fish!

The cuisine was just the right mix for our active family – clean, fresh, healthy and delicious. The kids ate fish and loved it – they never eat fish! And l know I’ll ever be able to even poach eggs to the standard they’ve now become used to. Lunches were light but filling, and dinners well presented and tasty without being unnecessarily fancy. Good job chef!

The crew obviously know the area and where to go. We’ve done the BVI a lot but Lynn and Mark showed us a side we hadn’t seen before – picture postcard anchorages with just the pelicans for company. It was exactly what we had been hoping for.

Thanks guys for a great week onboard the awesome Pacific Wave. We’ll be back!”

George, Catherine, Simon & Hannah – Boston USACharter 18.03 – 25.03.18 USVI/BVI – Family of Four

“Lynn & Mark

Wow what a fun action packed week the kids loved it, thank you! Vacations will never be the same again now that we’ve sailed on the stunning SY Pacific Wave with you guys. The kids loved every minute of the trip from the great food, awesome sailing and turtles! Hope to join you again soon.”

Brett, Sherry, Austin & Casey – New York USACharter 03.03 - 10.03.18 - USVI/BVI - Family of four

“Dear Lynn & Mark

Thank you so much for making our honeymoon a special treat that we will remember forever. I was a little nervous of the sailing, as l haven’t done as much as my husband, but you guys were awesome. I learnt so much and we both had a fantastic time. I even took the wheel and loved it! Such a feeling of power 🙂

The BVI was beautiful, even though things looked a little mashed up in places. We enjoyed snorkelling and your expert guidance on where to go and what we might see made it extra special.

And the food! Just amazing what came out of that tiny kitchen. It was all delicious.

Can’t wait to come back next Valentines!”

Emma & Brad - New Jersey USA10.02.18 – 17.02.18 - USVI/BVI – Honeymoon Couple

“Dear Mark & Lynn,

A lovely week, made so by your every attention, your good company and not to be overlooked Mark’s cuisine. To have found the BVI after Irma was, from our entirely selfish perspective, delightful, yet tempered by the knowledge that many suffered and lost. That said, to have seen these pretty islands uncrowded and at natures own ease, was of particular pleasure. Pacific Wave is a lovely boat.

All the best Claude.”

Claude, Amina, Aleksandr, Ursula & Marco - New Hampshire USA28.12.17 – 04.01.18 - USVI/BVI – Family of Five

“Dear Lynn and Mark

Thank you both for an awesome week aboard the beautiful Pacific Wave! Sailing in the British Virgin Islands beats the cold weather back at home any day. What an adventure we can’t wait to do it again.”

Scott & Cathy - New Jersey USACharter 19.12 - 26.12.17 - USVI/BVI - Couple

“Dear Lynn and Mark,

A few words cannot do justice to the great times we had aboard Pacific Wave. However, in an attempt to do so… thank you for a great, fantastic, wonderful & relaxing time during our honeymoon week! The food and the drink were on par, if not better than Michelin 3 stars. The rum punch is the best on the islands.

We enjoyed being on a true, gorgeous sailboat & your handling of her. You both knew the best places to go both above and below the water. The turtles were the highlight of Brooke’s time snorkeling, and Lynn’s knowledge of the local marine life was outstanding.

Thank you both for a honeymoon we will treasure for the rest of our lives. I guarantee we will be back on the Pacific Wave with you two again soon.”

Brooke & Andrew - Scottsdale Arizona USA18.11 - 25.11.17 - Grenada/Grenadines - Honeymoon Couple

“Dear Lynn and Mark,

This was our first trip on a sailboat and in the BVI/UVSI. You made our trip memorable from the snorkelling in the caves, to the delicious food, and wonderful beaches. We could not have asked for a more experienced couple to make us feel comfortable and safe. We will never forget these memorable 8 amazing days sailing!

PS thanks for the pancakes

PPS Mom and Dad love the coffee

Much love Katie – age 11

Well as usual, Katie had the last word! Thank you, thank you, thank you. After decades of dreaming of sailing in the BVI, we’ve just watched it all come true these past 8 days.

We truly hope our paths cross again – either in these beautiful islands or maybe up north sometime. Safe travels always and please keep in touch.”

Ian, Karen, Will, Josh & Katie – Philadelphia, USA17.06 – 25.06.17 - USVI/BVI – Family of Five

“Dear Lynn and Mark,

What a fabulous week! We could not have asked for two more experienced and knowledgeable pairs of hands to charter us through the British Virgin Islands. And what a comfortable and well appointed boat to do it in – we had no idea our accommodations would be so luxurious!

We loved all the quiet anchorages off the beaten track that you took us to. We all enjoyed boating and swimming off the boat. The kids learned to snorkel and kayak and are all quite pleased they got to drive the dinghy. And as we said every day, the food was amazing! The meals far surpassed our expectations and were graciously served every time. The kids told us that we need to “bump it up” when we get home!

Gary has been talking about sailing in the BVI for some 25+ years and we will now all have our own memories of crystal blue water, white sand beaches, sunny skies and wind in your face as you sail across the waters.

Thank you for helping to make this a wonderful and memorable experience for our family!”

Chantal, Gary, Bianca, Carter & Dempsey - Brooklyn, NY, USA09.04 - 15.04.17 - USVI/BVI - Family of Five

“Dear Lynn and Mark,

Thank you so much for the wonderful trip! It’s not easy keeping 2 adults and 3 teenage boys happy but you did it! J We had great weather and had great sails and fabulous snorkeling. Saw so many cool fish l can’t even begin to list. And Mark prepared delicious meals everyday, which we ate hungrily after our snorkeling adventures. A great experience had by all!

Thanks again,”

Sarane, Peter, Ross, Ian & Colin

“This was one of my favourite trips. My favourite part was the spotted eagle ray. It was about 6 ½ feet long but a gentle giant. It was so pretty and it went in circles around me for 10 mins.

Colin – age 12 years

Sarane, Peter, Ross, Ian & Colin – Rhinebeck, NY, USA12.03 - 19.03.17 - USVI/BVI - Family of Five

“Lynn and Mark

We cannot thank you enough for sharing the Pacific Wave with Todd & me – what a wonderful, much needed, relaxing time for us!

You are both such gracious hosts! The food & drinks were wonderful & we appreciated learning more about the history of the islands.

We cannot wait to share our memories back home with family & friends!!!

Thanks again”

Todd & Julie - Colorada, USA05.03 - 10.03.17 USVI/BVI - 1 Couple

“Dear Lynn and Mark

What an adventure on the Pacific Wave sailboat! Our hosts were so gracious, they described the different islands with an historical flair and always chose the best snorkelling spots. It was amazing to sail the Sir Francis Drake Channel and moor in an isolated, hidden away sheltered bay. It always felt like l was with trusted seaworthy people who had mastered finding the wind and sharing their passion for sailing.

Our meals were delicious and a great time to be merry and relax in such a beautiful setting…. great sunsets and turquoise seas.

This trip definitely built wonderful memories of sky, wind, sun and sea.

Thanks so much for a wonderful week.


Joan & Tom - Oregon, USA22 - 29.01.17 BVI - 1 Couple

“We had a great time: some excellent sailing, some spectacular snorkelling, and lovely food. We hope that Mark’s book goes well.

Thank you very much for a wonderful week. Can’t wait to go back home and show everyone all the photos of the things we have seen here. You guys have a pretty good setup!

All the best”

Robert, Megan & Robbie - Belfast, Northern Ireland27.12.16 - 03.01.17 USVI/BVI - Family of Three

“Dear Lynn & Mark

Our week with you was amazing. This was one of my bucket list, and the first big trip (many more to come) for Cindia and me. The beauty, the soft winds, the amazing dinners and lunches, and (gasp) breakfast you served were great! Now for 2 months of dieting.

We hoped to have good diving, and you arranged a special and more expensive outfit, that was just great! Cindia and l loved our diving, so beautiful.

Your kindness, warmth and good humour were just incredible. Thank you so much for a fabulous week!”

Cindia, David, Cindy & Steven - California USA05.12 - 12.12.16 USVI/BVI - Two Couples

“Dear Lynn & Mark

Spent a wonderful week with you in the BVIs, our first trip here. Pacific Wave us such a beautiful sailboat. Mark’s culinary delights were amazing & delicious. Lynn is so meticulous and welcoming. Hope to return soon. Thank you for being so co-operative and helpful with our change of itineraries. All the best,

Gigi and Philippe”

Gigi, Philippe, Liliana & William - New York USA & Rome Italy27.11 - 03.12.16 BVI - 2 Couples

“Dear Lynn & Mark

Thank you very much for this great voyage! We finally had a chance to visit the BVI and experience our first “proper’ sailing trip. Our girls love it very much so we’re all very very happy!p.s. Sorry we brought a bit of “Siberian” weather into the Caribbean, however it was even more fun for us! – Ilya & Anna

I love to snorkel – Leticia age 6

My favourite thing was snorkelling in the caves & Lynn’s tea is the best! – Vivi age 8

Lagutenko family”

Ilya, Anna, Vivi (8 years) & Letitia (6 years) - LA USA20.11 - 26.11.16 BVI - Family of Four

“For our family of five, we all agree that we would stay another week on the yacht if we could! We had an amazing week on the Pacific Wave! The snorkelling was the best we’ve ever seen. The dinghy pickup service on our snorkelling outings was first class! Lynn’s knowledge of the BVIs is book-worthy; start writing Mark! We had a lovely vacation and made memories to last a lifetime. The food was the best in the BVIs! Mark is a master in that tiny little kitchen & Lynn is a gracious host, even when we spill the pitcher of milk J. Thank you for an amazing vacation we did not have our sea-legs prior to boarding the Pacific Wave. Now, we are salty sea dogs and are sad our sail has come to an end. Please put a visit to Washington State on your list of things to do! Thank you for your kindness and for sharing this adventure with us! We’ll come back again. Let us know if you ever need any deck hands… we’ve got 3 willing boys! Just need to feed them!”

With love, The Duff family

“Hospitality was amazing – thank you both!”

Greg D

Greg, Kristin, Parker (15yrs), Layton (13yrs) & Hudson (11yrs) - Woodinville WA, USA17.06 - 24.06.16 USVI/BVI - Family of Five

“What a wonderful week we Boulinds had in your care – we enjoyed sailing, snorkelling, trips ashore, Mark’s fantastic meals and Lynn’s delicious desserts – and most of all becoming acquainted and re-acquainted with the BVI. Thank you for planning our itinerary, showing us so many wonderful sites and sharing your beautiful boat with us!” Jeannette

“Thank you Lynn and Mark! It was a great trip, and the kids really loved it. Next time we will have our diving certification so that we can see even more fish!” – Oliver

“The trip was amazing! I saw 5,000,000 things. The fish were amazing!” – Henry age 12

“I thought that it was an amazing trip. It was so cool to see all the colourful fish and reefs.” – Lucie B age 9

Jeanette, Oliver, Henry & Lucie - London UKCharter 31.03 - 07.04.2016 - BVI - Family of 4

“We had a very nice family vacation week with our 3 boys. It was their first time sailing on a boat this size and Pacific Wave is a lovely boat. Thank you to Lynn & Mark for the experience. Great recommendations for snorkel and anchor spots and really good knowledge of the BVI.”

Watch our great video of 9 year old Fin somersaulting from the bow of SY Pacific Wave

Bob, Kelly, Grant, Harvey & Fin - Columbus, OH USACharter 19.03 – 26.03.16 USVI/BVI – Family of 5

“Dear Lynn & Mark

Thank you for a great week full of snorkeling & sailing. We enjoyed your cuisine & conversation. Next time you are near Maine or New York City let us know.”

Ken, Dee, Kimberley & Meridith - Maine & NYC USACharter 13.02 – 20.02.16 USVI/BVI – Family of 4

“What a wonderful escape you provided from New York winter doldrums and the pressures of work and responsibility. We’ll return to our world refreshed ready to carry on!!!

Thanks for taking such great care of us, guiding us through the BVIs, feeding us, ligating us, and ensuring we had a wonderfully relaxing respite. We thoroughly enjoyed our short week on Pacific Wave. Thank you for hosting us for a truly fabulous and memorable time.”

Marty & Susan – NYC USACharter 04.02 – 11.02.16 BVI – 1 Couple

“Dear Lynn & Mark

What a week! You have spoiled us rotten – the sails, the seas, the food, the laughs – we couldn’t have asked for a better way to ‘sail’ into 2016 thank you!

Your knowledge and expertise of sailing and all of the secret spots and coves in the BVI’s made for a wonderful week. We loved stargazing with that alien machine – we will surely be talking about that device for years.

We were honoured to have had the chance to read excerpts from Mark’s book – what an incredible adventure! We look forward to reading it in print someday soon!!

We hope you have a happy, healthy 2016.

Hope to see you both soon,

The Wagner Family.”

Lindsay, Whit & Helen, Charlie & Henry – Boston, NYC, Denver USANew Year Charter 27.12 – 03.01.16 USVI/BVI – Family of 5

“Dear Lynn & Mark

Our second cruise on the beautiful Pacific Wave & every bit as good as the first cruise, if not better!  It’s hard to find words to express how you have both made this holiday just amazing.

We have spent an amazing week in paradise cruising around the Caribbean Islands of Martinique, Dominica & Guadeloupe.  The crews local knowledge was excellent, they knew exactly where to take us on each island & it was such a treat for us to explore these new destinations.  We’ve enjoyed a week filled with great company, fantastic cuisine, lots of fun & great sailing on the beautiful yacht Pacific Wave.  Chartering Pacific Wave has been awesome & we can’t wait to return.

See you both soon.”

Simon & Carol - Perth Western AustraliaCharter 07.11 - 14.11.15 Martinique - Dominica - Guadeloupe - 1 Couple

“Lynn & Mark

Thank you for a wonderful adventure. We have wanted to visit the Grenadines for a long time and we’re so very happy to have had you show us the sights. Such a great trip with a terrific Captain & Chef.

Thank you and many happy sail days ahead”

Suzanne & John – California USACharter 28.07 - 05.08.15 Grenada - Grenadines - Grenada - 1 Couple

“Lynn & Mark

Thank you for a great vacation aboard the Pacific Wave. I could not imagine a better way to spend my 40th Birthday! We can’t wait to be back aboard, perhaps in the BVI’s next time. Thank you again for the wonderful week.”

Tom & Elaine – LA USACharter 11.07 – 18.07.15 St Maarten – St Barths – St Kitts - Nevis – 1 Couple

“Lynn & Mark

It takes a special crew to make a week in the BVI’s special to our 89year old father. We cannot thank you enough for your patience throughout the week with an elderly ‘old salt’. My father was most impressed with Lynn’s sailing skills. To quote ‘she’s a hell of a skipper!’ Mark of course made his mark in our memory as a laid-back chef of considerable talent. To sum up, there would be no other vessel other than the Pacific Wave that could have made our time in the BVI’s as special as it was. Furthermore, my father’s time in the BVI’s (1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s) was the reason we took the trip. His happiness for returning one more time cannot be overstated! Thanks to you both for an incredible experience.

Ditto to my bro’s comments! Lynn & Mark were the perfect fit for us. Could not have been better at making sure 89 year old dad felt at ease! Loved your local knowledge and insight into the islands and creatures that live here!

The meals – INCREDIBLE!!

Such special memories for all 4 of us. This has been a dream come true for my dad. To be sailing these islands with his 3 kids. Lynn & Mark are superb hosts. Their knowledge of the island, local flora & fauna and stories of their years of cruising these waters made each day a new and interesting experience. Not easy to sail with such an ‘old croc’ (as my dad calls himself) but they were patient, gracious and attentive. Truly an experience to be treasured!”

Liza, Andy, Tim & David – New Jersey USACharter 10.06 – 17.06.15 USVI/BVI – Family of 4

“Lynn & Mark

Thank you for a super time. It was great to experience diving with Pacific Wave. Mark the food was terrific! Lynn we had some great sails. It really made a difference chartering with owner operators and our family sailing trip was all the more special with you as hosts. The diving was spot on and the snorkelling spots were lovely” Terri

“Thanks for the wonderful week. I loved the scuba dives and your advice was very helpful. It was very relaxing and a great way to explore the BVIs and you both made this a very enjoyable trip.” Charlie

“Thanks for a wonderful time cruising on you beautiful yacht. It was great for us to get another cruise in with Charlie.” Tom

Terri, Charlie & Tom – Seattle USACharter 29.03 – 04.04.15 USVI/BVI – Family of 3

“Thank you Lynn and Mark, for a wonderful week! The sailing was tremendous, and you are both so knowledgeable about all of the islands. We loved every meal, and Mark was very kind to cater to our picky eaters. Pacific Wave is a magnificent yacht, thank you for sharing her with us”
Catherine & David age 45 & Charles age 12

“Dear Mark and Lynn
Thank you for taking us to be splashed by the waves on the beach. I had such a fun time!
Ann-Wylly age 11 & me to George age 7”

Catherine, David, Charles, Ann-Wylly & George – Portland Oregon USACharter 21.03 – 28.03.15 BVI – Family of 5

“Dear Lynn & Mark

We had such a fabulous time. We loved all the places we visited and people we met.
AnnaMarie & Jimmy had the trip of a lifetime!! They thank you for the great experience.
Peter enjoyed his birthday and will always remember your hospitality.
Mark – the food was OUTSTANDING!

Best wishes”

Sally Ann & Peter and Anna Marie & Jimmy – Boston USACharter 07.02 – 16.02.15 USVI/BVI – 2 Couples 50th & 60th Birthdays

“To Lynn & Mark

Our third cruise aboard Pacific Wave and we can’t wait to return again soon! Fab food, great hospitality all aboard the beautiful Pacific Wave. This is the best holiday we’ve ever had!

Thank you so much”

Janette & Leigh – London UKCharter 12.01 – 25.01.15 USVI/BVI – 1 Couple

“Lynn & Mark

Thank you so much for an absolutely unforgettable week! We could not have wished for a more beautiful backdrop for our 15 year marriage renewal. The sailing was phenomenal and meals not to be forgotten. We truly are grateful for such a memorable trip!” Jeff

“Thank you for a lovely trip. Amazing we really enjoyed it all.” Jackie

“Thanks for an awesome trip” Ryder age 9

“Thanks for a cool adventure filled trip for me and the rest of my family to enjoy.” Seb age 11

“Thanks for a very cool and amazing trip. The sailing and views were my favourite part.” Spencer age 13

Jeff, Jackie, Spencer, Seb & Ryder–San Francisco USA/Frankfurt GermanyCharter 05.01 – 11.01.15 USVI/BVI – Family of 5 - Renewal of Wedding Vows

“Lynn & Mark

We are so grateful for this wonderful vacation, your kindness, generosity, warmth & humour which will never be forgotten. Memories etched in our minds… beautiful sailing, gorgeous weather, Marks delicious cooking (and hysterical stories!) Just perfect!

The Duprees wish you both a fantastic New Year 2015 filled with love, health, gorgeous weather & of course, happiness. Thank you for this amazing experience.”

Charlie, Rachel, Margaret, Gus & Andy – New York USANew Year Charter 28.12 – 04.01.15 USVI/BVI – Family of 5

“Lynn & Mark

Thanks so much for an incredible week aboard Pacific Wave and a fabulous Xmas we won’t forget, the Christmas Crackers, Xmas Pudding & Harrods Xmas Cake were great!

Carolyn & Alexandra had a terrific time diving, thanks for making it all happen including a Xmas morning dive!

Mark, it’s amazing what you can do in the galley, the food was outstanding, your hospitality has been great, we’ve had such a wonderful time sailing with you…. and thank you for organizing Sir Richard Branson’s sail by…. you have some pull!

Before long, we will be sitting in front of our fireplace at home, warming ourselves with memories of our time with you in the BVIs.
Hope to see you again soon!

Ken, Carolyn, Alexandra & Janie - CanadaChristmas Charter 20.12 – 27.12.14 USVI/BVI – Family of 4

“Lynn & Mark

Very seldom do things go exactly as planned, almost never do things exceed expectations…. this week was one of those times. The snorkelling was spectacular the sails were exciting, and above all, the company with Lynn and Mark seeing to our every need made this a wonderful week. Sadly now back to Philadelphia… cold and dreary asit is this time of year but with warm memories with new friends in Mark & Lynn to keep the memories alive. See you again.”


“Thank you very much for taking us on a wonderful trip. You were fantastic hosts and we had an incredible time. It’s going to be pretty tough to leave this all behind. I’m glad we got to do this trip with you, and l wish you all the best”


Bill Philadelphia, Billy Washington DC & Tom California USACharter 30.11 – 06.12.14 USVI/BVI – 3 Family Members

“Many thanks for a wonderful trip & celebration of Charles 70th. We loved all aspects & TLC you both provided. The boat is exactly what we’d hoped for & we are delighted to have found you. The food was incredible, your detailed knowledge of all the best spots was invaluable, & appreciated by all. This has been a great success – many thanks!”

Stephanie, Charlie, Angus, Cordelia & Asa – Boston USACharter 22.11 – 29.11.14 USVI/BVI – Family of 5

“Dear Lynn & Mark

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend our honeymoon! I’m so happy Aaron found you!! We both absolutely loved all the meals on-board (I can’t believe all those …yummy dishes came out of Pacific Wave’s Galley! There is no excuse for me at home now), and the explorations to new islands everyday. Neither of us had been to the BVIs before, but now we will definitely come back. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality, your stories, and your willingness to teach us about sailing whenever we asked. We will always remember this trip with such great memories. Thank you!”

Aaron & Sabrina – New York USACharter 30.06 – 08.07.14 USVI/BVI – Honeymoon Couple

“Dear Lynn & Mark

This last week has been amazing! We have gone from tense to perfectly relaxed. Our skin from white to pink to tan… and our livers pickled with Pacific Wave Rum Punch! T…hank you for having us aboard Pacific Wave and providing us with new memories and a wonderful vacation!

We’ll miss you, keep in touch and hope to see you next year!”

Martin & Kitty – Newport Beach CA USACharter 30.05 – 06.06.14 USVI/BVI – 1 Couple

“Thank you for all your hard work these past ten days. You both went the extra mile to look after us by providing us with everything we needed, including obtaining a pigstick so we could fly the Royal Yacht Squadron pendant. The meals were delicious and the culinary creativity of Mark never ceased to amaze us.

Christopher & Gaynor, Richard & Felicity & Earl Micky – London UKCharter 29.03 – 08.04.14 BVI – 2 Couples + 1 Guest - New York Yacht Club / Royal Yacht Squadron Cruise in Company

“Dear Lynn & Mark

It truly does not get any better than this!

Beautiful boat, amazing crew and perfect weather – all in one of the prettiest places on the Planet. Thanks for taking such good care of us and seeing to our every wish and need. We are now relaxed, refreshed and re-energized – ready to tackle the world again. Thanks for an amazing week that passed far to quickly!
Please stay in touch.”

“Lynn and Mark

What an incredible experience you have given us sailing in the BVI on your beautiful PACIFIC WAVE. I cannot begin to express my gratitude. You make such a good team – the sailing, the accommodation, attention, THE FOOD, information about the area, etc., etc., etc. We loved the snorkelling, swimming, hiking, and watching the Super Yachts. Thank you for making all the arrangements off the boat as well. Every detail was covered. This has been a special week ……..”

Terry & Ken – Birmingham AL USACharter 17.03 – 24.03.14 USVI/BVI – 1 Couple

“A dream vacation – will return again.”
Dean & Kathy

“Perfect vacation in every way!!! Great food, natural beauty beyond my imagination, fantastic snorkelling, impeccable service, and most of all, great company”

“Lynn & Mark
Thanks for a wonderful week of sailing & exploring the BVIs! Your knowledge & advice on travel options was superb. The food was amazing & the service was thoughtful & gracious. As bare-boaters for many years, your excellent service will make it hard to go back to DIY again. I admired your stealthy ways of attending to the many details of sailing while leaving your guests undisturbed. Bravo! We hope to be back again.”

“You guys are AWESOME!! Thanks for the recipes Mark – we will think of you fondly when we try to recreate your masterpieces!”
Mike & Jeanne

“L & M
It really was a WONDERFUL experience sailing, sunning, eating, drinking (a bit), eating (a bit more)… all in lovely weather and with outstanding service”
Cheers from Brad (Come visit us in Naples!)

Brad & Pat, Dean & Kathy, Mike & Jeanne – Minnesota USACharter 08.03 – 16.03.14 USVI/BVI – 3 Couples

“French guys sorry for the language

You know what??? We are happy …. Why???

We thought we knew the BVIs, and a little about sailing but, but…. We discover so many unknown places, new snorkelling spots and all that aboard an elegant sailing yacht. And more… the comfort onboard SY Pacific Wave is top level Five Star ***** … due to the permanent work of Lynn & Mark.

So ….. everything is working perfectly onboard, sailing, comfort, anchoring choices.

More again …. Lynn & Mark always smiling, always taking care of us, and permanently ahead of our wishes.

About the food now, we think unbelievable to find on a sailing yacht such a top level excellent cook. Mark has got a secret … it’s the smile of Captain Lynn of course.

Thank you, LYNN, MARK & PACIFIC WAVE no end of dreams!”

Louis & Anne – Paris FranceCharter 16.02 – 24.02.14 BVI – 1 Couple

“We would like to thank Lynn & Mark for a wonderful week aboard Pacific Wave. As committed “motor boaters” they have ensured our first foray into the world of “sailing” has been both informative and enjoyable but most importantly, great fun!

The food served on board has been excellent due to Mark’s skill in the galley, and Lynn’s attentive service has ensured we were very well catered for.

All in all – a great holiday!”

Ian & Caroline – Peebles ScotlandCharter 07.02 – 14.02.14 USVI/BVI – 1 Couple

“The first time l saw Pacific Wave on the Website l thought that is THE ONE! The boat is even better than l imagined and you both have made us so very welcome. The food, the snorkelling, the cocktails – heaven.”


“Dear Lynn & Mark

Thank you for making our BVI dream trip even dreamier! What a joy to be welcomed by a dolphin and then be in the aquatic company of so many new and beautiful fish. Masterful sailors, chefs and super yacht informers. Here’s to an adventurous and sparkling 2014!”

Best, Averil & Asia

“It is with heavy hearts that we’ll step back on land from off the magical Pacific Wave. Lynn & Mark you did a fantastic job of looking after us all, responding to the hundreds of daily requests from our motley crew and making us feel so comfortable and welcome on your beautiful yacht. Rest assured we won’t hesitate in recommending this fine vessel to ALL of our friends looking to sail The BVI’s. We hope you have a fabulous 2014.”

Araminta & Lorenzo

Joan, Averil & Asia, Araminta & Lorenzo – London UKChristmas & New Year Charter 23.12.13 – 02.01.14 BVI – Family of 5

“To Lynn & Mark

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

For delivering such an unforgettable experience in the British Virgin Islands!

You guys are super organised. You work together as an amazing team with seamless ease, whether it be sailing the Pacific Wave, producing the most amazing meals with the panache of a 5 star chef to identifying what we wanted in our time on this fantastic yacht. Your incredible friendliness has been the ‘icing on the cake’.

No amount of research could have found the fabulous spots that your intimate knowledge of the Islands could…. from snorkelling off Mosquito Island to super swanky cocktail bars and off the beaten track eateries with breath taking views.

It’s been an absolute joy that we have been lucky enough to share your stunning yacht this week, and, what’s more, l think you may have sparked an interest to start sailing as a hobby!!!

You guys are the best!!!”

Viv & Nicky – Dorset UKCharter 06.12 – 13.12.13 USVI/BVI – 1 Couple

“We had an amazing time and Pacific Wave was the highlight of the trip! Thank you so much for sorting it out.

I left the day as a complete surprise for Colin and he was completely gobsmacked when he saw Pacific Wave.

The day was perfect and Lynn and Mark let Colin sail us to Peter Island which he loved every minute of.

The food was outstanding 5 star restaurant standard. We also had a snorkel with Lynn and she was so knowledgeable about all of the different types of coral and fish.

I was thoroughly impressed with how professional but very friendly Lynn and Mark were, they made us feel at home. They have a beautiful yacht with all of the little touches of a 5 star hotel.

I can’t thank them enough, they made a lovely holiday a very special holiday indeed.

Thanks again


Anna - Luxury Travel Agent - UK Reference to UK Yacht BrokerBVI - 1 Couple Reference to UK Yacht Charter Broker

“Lynn & Mark

What a fantastic trip! Highlights were three fantastic dives off the Dogs and Tip o Scrub. We saw turtles, a shark, eels, and a deep cave. The spa at Peter Island was incredible! Loved the Bitter End as well.

Lynn & Mark we loved it all, great laughs and great food! Mark you are now an expert at Canadian drinks.

Hope to see you soon!”

Marci & Scott– Toronto CanadaCharter 24.10 – 31.10.13 BVI – Honeymoon Couple

“Dear Lynn and Mark,

We so appreciate your kindness. It is apparent that you sincerely want your guests to have a world-class vacation, and we have! You make it look easy: sailing, cooking, and taking care of our every need all the while. We felt so proud to re-board the most beautiful sailboat Pacific Wave. We have enjoyed getting to know you both. Thank you for your lovely hospitality. You are an amazing couple with a beautiful yacht. We wish you the very best.”

Karen & Mark – St Louis USACharter 09.07 – 17.07.13 USVI - BVI - St Martin - St Barths - St Maarten – 1 Couple – 20th Wedding Anniversary

“Dear Mark & Lynn

It is hard to find words to express how you have both made this holiday just amazing! It has only been a dream to come to Paradise. Bless you both for making this amazing dream come true. You have both helped us make memories that would not of been possible without you. It would be totally awesome to have you both come to Perth, whenever you are free. Thank you Captain Lynn & First Mate Mark”

Carol & Simon – Perth AustraliaCharter 29.06 – 05.07.13 USVI/BVI – 1 Couple 50th Birthday

“Dear Lynn and Mark,

Thank you for making this a wonderful vacation for us. Your beautiful boat and hospitality was a great way to enjoy our family vacation. Your “Samurai Cook Look” and results will top the Jamie Oliver craze. Come and see us in Austria and we will cook for you.

Thanks again!”

Hans, Trixi, Jacob, Max & Lilly – AustriaCharter 15.06 – 23.06.13 USVI/BVI – Family of 5

Hi Lynn & Mark,

Vince emailed me with the following glowing report about his charter with you (below in italic). You obviously did an over-the-top job to make this “the best vacation of their lives”! It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you and I’ll try and send some further business your way soon.

Thank you,



“It was the best vacation of our lives!

It was the best sailing we have ever done and we have sailed all over the world. I have been sailing for 53 years and my wife for 35 years. We took turns day by day and did most of the sailing. We covered a hundred miles.

Based on the vacation we are buying another boat. I am retiring next year and we are going to sail from San Diego to Seattle and Vancouver where we have family and friends and then to Hawaii and Tahiti. We are buying a new Island Packet 485(52’). Thanks for all your help in setting this up I am recommending the cruise to several couples here at work

Thanks again

Vince & Jan”

Vince & Jan - California USA - Reference to Broker13 - 20 May 2013

“To Lynn & Mark

My wife and l have been sailors all our lives. This is the best sailing we have ever done. The boat is awesome. The weather was fantastic. Every meal on Pacific Wave was perfect. Lynn & Mark are top notch sailors. Probably the best owner operator team we know of for chartering. I have sailed all over the US, Europe, Hawaii and off western Canada, but my wife, Jan and l like the BVI the best so far. This was such a great experience it convinced us to buy a new boat ourselves.”

Vince & Jan – California USACharter 13.05 – 20.05.13 BVI – 1 Couple

“To Lynn & Mark

Thank you for sharing your very special yacht with us. We had a lovely experience getting to know the beautiful BVI on Pacific Wave. The Rhone was a dive we will never forget!

Best wishes for fair winds & a million bubbles on your dives!”

Marisa & Raoul – London UKCharter 03.05 – 10.05.13 BVI – 1 Couple

“To Lynn & Mark

Thank you for a wonderful adventure. Lot’s of new experiences above & below the water line. The Canucks will definitely return to the BVI’s some day. All the best.

PS Thanks Mark or the meals, the snorkelling & the drinks together onboard.”

Michael, Lynne, Shelby, Tristan, Brett & Mackenzie – Toronto CanadaCharter 28.04 – 02.05.13 BVI – Family of 6

Hi Lynn & Mark
Thank you very much. The Waldrons wrote glowingly about their cruise
with you on Pacific Wave…

“Wonderful trip… Boat was great, accommodations really comfortable, food was excellent… Lynn and Mark made us very much at home, and we really enjoyed cruising the BVI… we had been there before at a resort, but being in various anchorages really was enjoyable, and
the sailing was something different for us, and we all learned a little bit. Everything we had hoped for….

Thanks. I look forward to sending more of our clients to cruise with you.

Jeff Family 2 Adults & 2 Children - Broker Reference - Broker Reference23 - 30 May 2013

“Lynn & Mark

What a fabulous week of experiencing the BVI on board Pacific Wave! We came having had all the “resort” experiences, and were hoping to have a different kind of vacation, and l can truly say our expectations were exceeded. The two of you made our stay so comfortable, with the fabulous food (thanks Mark), the great accommodation, and all the fun activities. As a family, the chance to spend time together in such beautiful surroundings, without the distraction of home, has been a gift. I know the snorkelling that the boys did will be something they will remember forever… and Shane will certainly relish being rummy champ! For Wendy & Myself, l think being able to sit and enjoy the solitude and surroundings of all the great anchorages was a highlight, and an inspiration to get even more out of our motor boat at home! Thanks Lynn for going horseback riding with Wendy, a trip would not be complete without a hack! Maybe next time we will play golf instead though! Most of all thanks for making us feel so welcome on board Pacific Wave, & for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. Hope to see you up our way in Long Island Sound!”

Jeff, Wendy, Austin and Shane – New York USACharter 23.03 – 30.03.13 USVI/BVI – Family of 4

“To Lynn & Mark

An amazing week and a half sailing the BVI. The food is amazing – probably the best chef in the BVI is on the Pacific Wave. But also the willingness to entertain two beach bums trawling the bars of the BVI. Brilliant to sail such a beautiful big boat with all the other boats taking pictures. Thanks Mark for teaching me to snorkel. Mel has done some of her best diving on the Rhone with Lynn. Don’t want to get off.”

Melanie & Adrian – London UKCharter 02.03 – 13.03.13 BVI/USVI – 1 Couple

“Dear Lynn & Mark

You have given us the most wonderful holiday, complete perfection in all we were spoilt with, the best boat to be privileged to be on the attention to our care, and enjoyment has been “2nd to none”. The best gourmet food we have ever had. So many memories to cherish! This comes to thank you most sincerely with love and good luck always.”

Alexander & Julia

“Dear Lynn & Mark

We echo all that Julia has said. It has been an unforgettable week full of treats the way you have looked after and FED us has been unbeatable. THANK you for it all not least the interesting stories about the Caribbean!”

Love William & Anne

“Dear Lynn & Mark

Can we take Mark and his cooking & Lynn and Pacific Wave home to Berwickshire to sit on the Tweed? Contrary to reports Scotland is boiling hot all the time and we’re sure you will be blissful!
It has been an INCREDIBLE couple of weeks, thank you both so much. We feel like different people heading home and are so lucky to have had you both looking after us. You are complete stars. Hopefully (very much) this won’t be the last time we see you.”

Love Rupert & Louisa

Alexander, Julia, Henry, Catherine, Rupert & Louisa, William & Anne – UKCharter 17.02 – 28.02.13 BVI/USVI – 4 Couples

“To Lynn & Mark

Just wanted to say this is absolutely the best holiday we’ve ever had… and we’ve had plenty!
Thank you soooo much for your hospitality and defo. The Fab Food!”

Janette & Leigh – London UKCharter 16.01 – 30.01.13 USVI/BVI – 1 Couple

“Captains, oh my Captains, Lynn & Mark

XX Amazing food, let me repeat, THE FOOD!!
XX Adventures …
XX Showing us Peter Island, what a “postcard place”
XX Snorkelling at Mosquito Island
And not to be forgotten, all the Pacific Wave Rum Punches!!!!”

Sofi from Stockholm Sweden - Nick from Verbier Switzerland - Irene & Klaas from Austin Texas USACharter 07.01 – 14.01.13 USVI/BVI – 2 Couples

“Dear Lynn & Mark
Upon arriving to the Pacific Wave we saw a beautiful yacht. Upon leaving, we saw it as that and so much more. We saw times of laughter, gourmet foods, exciting destinations, days of sailing adventures, fun explorations, and the gentle waves of the sea. What really made our experience amazing was the caring crew that took us on our journey. We have such wonderful memories of our voyage with you. We will forever remember the great times, delicious desserts, and awesome crew of the Pacific Wave xxx”

Elli, Jayson, DeLisa & Barry – North Carolina USAChristmas Charter 27.12 – 03.01.13 USVI/BVI - Family of 4

“Dear Mark & Lynn, Our first experience on Pacific Wave 2 years ago was so superb it’s hard to believe it could be bettered…. but this week has been perfect. We all feel totally spoiled by our two very gracious hosts, nothing overlooked or too much trouble. Thank you both for a magnificent experience!”

Helen, Suzanne & John – Melbourne Australia / Michael – New York USAThanksgiving Charter 24.11 – 01.12.12 USVI/BVI - 2 Couples

Dear Mark & Lynn, thank you so much for sharing your yacht with us. We have had an incredible week onboard Pacific Wave; she is absolutely beautiful!

We cannot believe how you can produce such fabulous cuisine in such a tiny kitchen! Every meal was superb.

You really made us all feel at home. Your knowledge of the USVI and BVI is truly remarkable.

Thank you both for this enjoyable week. We will never forget it!

Lisa, Steve, Sophie, Charlotte & Lydia – Texas USACharter 28.06 – 05.07.12 USVI/BVI - Family of 5

“Dear Lynn & Mark. Thanks so much. We have had a great time. We enjoyed each island and the diving was great. We really enjoyed the wreck of the Rhone. You let us snorkel at great places and we loved it. It was fun watching Hall & Kassey wakeboard in the ‘ocean’. Mark the food was wonderful as l am sure you could tell because we ate it all. It is very beautiful and we loved it. Best, First & only 50th Birthday I’ve had.” Courtney & Mark

“Thanks so much for your hospitality. We could not have asked for a better crew. Thanks for teaching me how to sail and for making such great food. It was a wonderful experience, and l would recommend you to anyone! Thanks.” Miller

“Thanks for sharing the Pacific Wave with us. I had a great time! Thanks.” Hall

“Thanks so much for taking us around to different islands and for telling us the best places to snorkel. I have loved every minute on your gorgeous yacht. Mark you are an amazing cook! Oh and l LOVED sitting on the bow while we sailed! Thanks so much for helping us celebrate dads 50th Birthday! Love Kassey

Courtney, Mark, Miller, Hall & Kassey – Birmingham AL USACharter 20.06 – 25.06.12 USVI/BVI - Family of 5

“Dear Lynn & Mark
What wonderful memories you have made for our family and our friends. Thank you for opening your yacht to us and sharing all the wonders of the BVIs. Should you visit Florida, USA in the future, we would love to have you as our guest!. Safe travels.”
JD, Cindy, Britton, Keaton, Emily & Caroline – Florida USA

“What a great week full of beautiful scenery, lots of sun and great fun! I can’t imagine a better way to spend the week. Thank you so much for your hospitality. Pacific Wave is beautiful, and the weather was great. I am the tannest l have been in years (success!) Thank you again.” Britton

JD, Cindy, Britton, Keaton, Emily & Caroline – Florida USACharter 20.05 – 27.05.12 USVI/BVI - Family of 6

“This was a fantastic week! The weather was amazing and the mood was perfect. Between waterskiing with Mark and wondering around Peter Island this was an extremely and unbelievably fun experience.
Thank you so much.” Julia

“What a fantastic week. Sun, wind, and a little rain one day made the sailing interesting and all the activities in between kept us busy while not under sail of course. I can’t not mention the food which was way above expectations (i.e. unbelievably good) and on offer around the clock! Needless to say, the next outing on the Solent will only serve to highlight how special the BVI, Pacific Wave and her crew/owners are. Thanks from all of us.”

Tim, Marie-Luce, Julia, Margot & Victoria – London UKCharter 10.04 – 17.04.12 BVI - Family of 5

“A great week in celebration of my 50th Birthday. I didn’t actually think I’d live this long, so this is just icing on the cake. Good friends, great crew, fantastic food and beautiful destinations combine to make this a truly memorable week. Thanks to Mark and Lynn for your gracious hospitality, gentle demeanour and tolerance of our lack of temperance.”

Dick, Scott, Gerry & Ed – CT USACharter 31.03 – 06.04.12 USVI/BVI - 50th Birthday

“Dear Lynn and Mark

Thank you for everything! Everything we had hoped to experience and so much more! The Pacific Wave was perfect for our family of five, elegant, cosy, peaceful to the extreme. You read our minds as to what we wanted to do each day, including nothing at all.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful craft with us, for your easy humour, and great care.

Sophie thanks you for answering an un-ending stream of questions about everything.

Every meal was a treat, how you keep out doing yourself l will never know.

We can’t endorse you more highly.

Thank you for the adventure!”

Mike, Holly, Nicole, Colton & Sophie – Georgia USACharter 19.03 – 26.03.12 USVI/BVI - Family of 5

“Dear Lynn and Mark
You guys have made my week so fantastic! I love how l got to stay with you while the others went diving. I hope that l can come back to PACIFIC WAVE!! Mark – l loved your cooking! You have been spoiling us all along!!! You are very kind and nice! Lynn – You are a great Captain! I loved snorkelling with you! You have been extremely great! You guys are the most enjoyable people in the world!
I will really miss you!
Love Nina (9 years old!)”
“Dear Lynn & Mark
Ren (11) and Nina (9) said it best, ‘Pacific Wave is a beautiful boat but Lynn & Mark made our trip!’ Thank you for making our family so comfortable on your gorgeous yacht. As Nina points out, you two make the perfect team. Some of the memories we will treasure the most:
– Dolphins welcoming us to Peter Island
– Mark’s Egg, Bacon & English muffin breakfasts
– Lynn snorkelling with Nina and teaching her about fish, coral, sea cucumbers & more ….
– Hollie, Ren and David becoming certified Padi Divers!
– Ren taking the helm in 15-20 knot winds with encouragement from Captain Lynn
– Mark pulling Nina waterskiing & Ren wakeboarding
– Spotted Eagle Ray jumping out of the water off of Tortola (1st for us, 3rd time for Lynn)
– Gourmet dinners onboard Pacific Wave followed by stargazing – Venus, Jupiter, Mars
Most of all we will remember your amazing hospitality!
Thank you Lynn & Mark for the most memorable week, we hope to do it again. Until then if you find yourselves in Kansas City, your KC family looks forward to repaying your amazing hospitality!
The Lubys!”

Hollie, David, Ren & Nina – Kansas City USACharter 10.03 – 17.03.12 USVI/BVI - Family of 4

“Dear Lynn & Mark

Thank you so much for making our honeymoon the most amazing time. We will look back on our week with you, each and every year, with such fond memories. Lynn you are truly a great sailor. Thanks so much for teaching Ash as much as you could in a week and for encouraging me to take the helm! We will also go away with great memories of your Pacific Wave cocktail! Mark, you amaze me! The meals you can create in a yachts’ galley is a feat that not many could do! The food has been exquisite in taste and presentation. You have inspired me to learn to make homemade pasta! That will be one of my culinary challenges for 2012.

The knowledge you both possess on the BVI adds so much to your guests cruise. Knowing the best places to go, see, eat etc., dependant on a guests needs is invaluable.

I definitely think this is the most relaxed l have every left a holiday and it’s all thanks to you both. You are such wonderful people who took wonderful care of us.

Thank you so much for sharing Pacific Wave with us.”

Holly (Aussie) & Ash (Kiwi) – Houston USACharter 10.02 - 17.02.12 BVI – Honeymoon Couple

“Thankyou for a fun week sailing! We very much enjoyed sailing and visiting the islands. Your knowledge of the islands and beaches was very helpful. Thanks to Mark for all the meals. The menu was fresh, creative & delicious! Thanks for sharing Pacific Wave with us. She is a beautiful vessel. We had a great week and appreciate your hard work. Wishing you fair winds and friendly seas!”

Mary, Lee Ann & Jason, Jeanne & Steve - Salt Lake City, UTAH USACharter 21.01 - 28.02.12 Antigua - Nevis - St Kitts - St Barths - St Maarten - 3 Couples

“Boy time flies while you’re having fun, we had a blast as this week flew by! Mark & Lynn you made us feel comfortable from the very first day we stepped onboard Pacific Wave. We enjoyed our relaxed dining experience with fantastic gourmet meals. We loved the snorkelling and perhaps in the next few years we’ll progress to diving. Thank you Lynn & Mark for your excellent knowledge both on land, at sea and under the water. I cannot believe how much fun we have had! We had a great week because we felt secure with your professionalism and at ease with your hospitality. Hope to see you again soon.”

John, Lisa, Lewis & Sarah - Newfoundland CanadaNew Year Charter 28.12 – 04.01.12 BVI - Family of 4

“What a fantastic week! Thank you so much for a wonderful time. You two have truly made our experience in the BVI what it was. Pacific Wave is such a beautiful boat with lovely accommodations. It was all the best: scuba diving on Christmas Eve; snorkelling on Boxing Day; introducing us to ‘Ting’ (we have to figure out how to import it to the US); sailing in glorious trade winds – yet still seeming to find us a hidden protected cove each night. And the food! Thanks so much for a great Christmas – we only hope Richard Branson can join us next time.”

Lily, Hannah, Daniel, Cecile & Kirk - New York USAChristmas charter 21.12 – 27.12.11 USVI/BVI - Family of 5

“Thanksgiving will forever in the future (particularly the meal) be a less exciting holiday! Excellent itinerary, to be repeated soon!”

“This has been a week in paradise in every way! Thank you so much Lynn & Mark – please stay in touch”

“After a close encounter with the local night life we set sail for a relaxing week with Pacific Wave. The days drifted by blissfully fuelled by a plentiful supply of rum punches and a five star menu executed to perfection by samuria chef supreme Mark. Weather perfect, turtles friendly, scuba & snorkel most successful – a great vacation onboard Pacific Wave. Thank you!”

“For a pregnant women to start her entry in the guest book raving about the food may be a bit clichéd…. but with food like this….! We started off the week with Mark’s Dorado Stacks, sailed through every starter and entrée sent up the stairs and demolished the most amazing Thanksgiving spread! I and everyone onboard enjoyed every bite and will try our hand at the Dorado Stacks back at home thanks to the Dining on Deck Cookbook which features Mark’s recipe. During the occasional ‘non-eating’ moment, this pregnant woman even took the wheel under Lynn’s supreme guidance. Thank you both Lynn & Mark for a spectacular week, next time we’ll rig up the playpen in the dinghy!”

“Our vacation onboard Pacific Wave started with a bang! An aggressive drinking night at the Fat Turtle (in Yacht Haven Grande, St. Thomas) followed by a week of well needed relaxing on the open seas. Caribbean Thanksgiving might be the only way to do it! Thank you Mark & Lynn for an unforgettable Holiday!”

Party of 5 adults - New York USAThanksgiving Charter 19.11 – 26.11.11 USVI/BVI – Party of 5 adults

“Dear Lynn & Mark

Thank you so much for such a lovely trip! The food was delicious, the service was fabulous, and we are leaving you tanned, rested and relaxed! You’ve set the bar pretty high for our newly-married life – we expect smooth sailing forever!

We had such fun watching the epic battles between the pelicans and the tarpon, diving the RMS Rhone, and eating that delicious vegetable terrine!

Thank you again for giving us such a wonderful start to our honeymoon!”

Liesel & Ian – New York USACharter 13.11 – 18.11.11. BVI – Honeymoon Couple

“Lynn & Mark

The past week has been what us Paddies call ‘the craic!’ …. Great times, great food, great laughs and a great adventure!

Never in the entire history of ‘navigation’ have two ‘land-lubbers’ been more saddened by hearing ‘land ahoy’ on the day of their departure!

See you both soon we hope, (whether UK, West Coast of Eire or back here).

Bon voyage, safe trip, god bless you both and all who sail with you.

xxx xxx”

Tom & Pauline – London UKCharter 28.10 – 04.11.11 BVI – 1 Couple

“Lynn & Mark

Thank you so much for the loveliest week ever! Just stepping on the boat from a long plane ride, and immediately being swept up and away to the most beautiful islands, was an experience that we will always remember and cherish!

Great food, charming company, lots of laughs and contented sighs. What a miraculous week! Thank you so very much!”

Daniel & Meredith – Austin USACharter 11.06 – 18.06.11 USVI/BVI – 1 Couple

“Happy 50th Birthday to Wendy!
Mary and Peter, Howie and the Birthday girl arrive onboard the Pacific Wave!
Lynn and Mark so friendly and welcoming! Pacific Wave Grog, naps, and wonderful food! Such a nice time, such special friends!
How lucky we are to have such friends! Here’s to many more birthdays!
My memories:
Grog, Spotted Eagle Rays, Turtles, Snorkels, Great Food, Best Friends, Wonderful crew
Beautiful yacht– Pacific Wave!
Thank you”

Mary & Peter

“Lynn & Mark

Wow! – that was the shortest week ever! It was just a week ago when l boarded your beautiful yacht to celebrate my big 50th – shhh!!! Birthday. The days have gone quickly as each day was filled with delightful fun memories. Loved all the stories of places we visited, loved the amazing yummy meals – eggplant stacks, tamarind chicken, the bacon, Howie’s English breakfast, most especially the Grog – forever to be known as a ‘Pacific Wave’ at my house!
The turtles, the rays, my huge sand dollar were all fantastic, but the best part of the trip for me was spending time with dear old friends and meeting two special new ones. Good luck with all your ventures and travels and l hope to be with you again soon!
All the best and many, many thanks xxxxxx”

“PS Thanks for your help with boats and touring the English countryside. Oops! Forgot to thank you for the very special birthday card in my stateroom upon arrival and the chocolates”


“Lynn & Mark,

After ringing the bell for having you place the most dinner reservations at the most restaurants for the same date in the most different countries, our cruise in the BVI with some of our intended guests was ‘crack on’! Thank you.
From Sopers to Norman, to Peter, to Marina Cay via Guana, Mosquito and Biras Creek, to Anegada for Lobsters and Grog and return, to Marina Cay via Leverick Bay and Great Dog, you spoiled us with fine cruising, good food, and a hell of a lot of fun!
We will join you again, and please sail with us aboard the next SY True.
Should you find yourselves in New England (Boston/Newport) or New York. Please look us up.

Kind regards”


Howie & Wendy, Peter & Mary – MA USACharter 29.04 – 06.05.11 BVI – 2 Couples

“Dear Lynn & Mark,

Thanks a lot for everything, we loved Pacific Wave, she’s beautiful! The food was extremely good – our compliments to the chef! We loved snorkelling and tubing. We enjoyed the movie nights and Mark’s singing while he cooks! It was a wonderful vacation! We hope that Pacific Wave & you continue with your success!”

Ana – age 15 years, taking the opportunity to practice her English rather than write in Spanish.

Fernando, Lucia, Isabel, Ana & Maria – Mexico City MexicoCharter 17.04 – 24.04.11 USVI/BVI – Family of 5

“Lynn, Mark & Pacific Wave!!
Hmmmm ……. after reading all the wonderful accolades from previous guests, all we can say is “ditto”. But, there have been no words written yet to truly convey how we all have been touched by this experience at sea, and the privilege of sharing time with you both onboard Pacific Wave. We always felt much more than your guests, we felt like your family. Seeing new places and adventures is only remembered by the people you share them with and how they made them special.
When we received the sudden news of my mothers failing health and hospitalisation; the genuine concern and empathy from you helped all of us cope with, and process the reality of what awaits us back in Toronto.
On a much lighter note, wow, what a great thrill it was to meet Kate and for Mark, Braden and l to complete our Scuba Diving certification.There is so much more l want to say, but writing a novel was not in the itinerary! So, when you visit us at the cottage in Muskoha, or our home in Toronto, we can all pick up our friendship then.
The purpose of life is to experience joy. How or with whom is very individual. But, just know that for 9 days in March, you both brought much joy in ours.”

Sandra, Steve, Laura, Mark & Braden – Toronto CanadaCharter 19.03 – 28.03.11 USVI/BVI – Family of 5

“As we are anchored alone in White Bay on this beautiful evening, we can’t help but have wonderful memories of our week on your sailboat. Your knowledge of the BVI’s made each sail and anchorage special – most had fantastic snorkelling, and the seclusion that helped us relax and have fun.”

Brian & Mona

“Thank you for sharing Pacific Wave with us for a spectacular, but relaxing week of sailing, snorkelling, gourmet cuisine, ‘Dark ‘n’ Stormies’, secluded harbours, and the Best of the BVI. A great privilege for us to be guests onboard. Please do call or email if you will be in New York or Connecticut.”

Chet & Suzanne

Chet & Suzanne and Brian & Mona – Connecticut USACharter 05.03 – 12.03.11 BVI – 2 Couples


We have just returned from an exceptional cruise on Pacific Wave with Lynn and Mark. The boat is, as you know, very well equipped with attention to every detail both for sailing and for the comfort of the guests, much the best of all our charters and I plan to copy one or two of the guest comfort details in our holiday-let properties in Cornwall, England.

However the real “feature” of the cruise were Lynn and Mark whose constant attention to our every need, often in anticipation of that need, was superb. The planned itinerary and anchorages worked very well and Mark’s culinary expertise in a very small galley astounded us every night. (I was loudly shouted down when I suggested that we take Lynn and Mark out to dinner on the last night as this would mean missing another gastronomic delight on board.)

Should you ever need a reference for a potential booking for Pacific Wave please feel free to forward my contact details to the customer.

MartynReference direct to Broker - Pacific Wave Charter 17.02 – 22.02.11 BVI – Party of 5 Adults

After flight delays and lost bags ‘Pacific Wave’ was an oasis of welcome. An excellent first night dinner of Mahi Mahi followed next morning by a good sail to Norman Island and snorkelling in the caves – such a wonderful anchorage, the full moon rising was spectacular.

The dolphins off Great Harbour was a true highlight – swimming with a pod of 17! A heavy squall on the way to North Sound gave us a sense of adventure before reconnecting with landside at Bitter End then Mosquito Island snorkelling before a good run back to Marina Cay.

What an incredible trip. The BEST of ALL our charters!

“When you have adult children leading busy lives in New York you have to offer a pretty spectacular vacation to pull them away – and we did! Pacific Wave with Lynn & Mark exceeded everybody’s expectation in every way! Thank you so very much – we certainly hope to be back!”

“We’ve swum, we’ve sailed, we’ve learned about the Rhone, we’ve been up close and personal with dolphins, we’ve had the most amazing meals …. not to mention a rum punch or two, we’ve enjoyed a private beach and a glass or two of vino on board Pacific Wave – in short – an absolutely fantastic week’s holiday. We’ll be back! Thank you!”

“An amazing trip exceeding my high expectations. Wonderful sailing on a magnificent boat around the many sights the BVI has to offer. Doubtless the best swimming pool in the World, enjoyed with knowledgeable hosts. Fantastic sailing and the secret to the perfect Pavlova too! Many thanks”

“This was an incredible trip! Pacific Wave and the BVI’s teamed up to provide fun, sun, and close encounters with magnificent fish and dolphins. Lynn and Mark made this trip as relaxing as possible and have forever ensured this as one of our best vacations. We will send pictures for the book!”

Martyn, Grete, Anna, Kerry & Magnus – Philadelphia & New York USACharter 17.02 – 22.02.11 BVI – Family of 5

“Wow! Absolutely one of the best holidays I’ve ever had!
Fantastic food and great hospitality!
Didn’t know whether I’d like sailing …… love it!
Can’t wait to come back.”

Janette & Leigh xx
London UK

“Cruising round the British Virgin Islands on a yacht charter would probably be most peoples dream holiday, for me it was more a chance to get away for a couple of weeks.

Being the director of a gift experience company there aren’t many things that I haven’t done, but sailing was never high on my list. Did I really want to be ‘stuck’ on a yacht, although a reasonable sized one at 72ft, for two whole weeks, what’s more, what if I got seasick!

I needn’t have worried. My partner and I had such a fabulous holiday, it really was one of the most relaxing holidays we’ve ever had. The Pacific Wave Yacht is a stunner and the fact that it’s got a big bottom, 13ft deep if I remember correctly, made the yacht really steady, so very little chance of being seasick. I’m so glad we chose this yacht instead of one of those ‘bobbing around’ catamarans!

The greatest thing about chartering a yacht around the British Virgin Islands is the freedom to island hop whenever we felt like it, I can’t believe I ever considered that I was going to be ‘stuck’ on a yacht. Lynn and Mark the owners offered great hospitality, the food was excellent, better than the offering from some of the top hotels on the island and the yacht itself was in immaculate condition.

I’ve definately got the bug for it and can’t wait to do it again!”

Janette - London UKBVI/USVI Cruise 07.01 – 21.01.11 - 1 Couple

“Lynn & Mark

We had warned the children that living on a boat felt like living in a small place – you have both made the beautiful “Pacific Wave” feel like a very large place indeed such has been the most welcoming and relaxed way you have both looked after us from the very start. We were just sitting here, drinking our Rum and Cokes (Sarah and Guy!) and getting very nostalgic about our last night on Pacific Wave – we were discussing if a sailing holiday was something to be repeated – emphatic ‘yes’ all around.
You both work consistently hard to look after your guests, relentlessly asking if we have all that we need – the food did indeed present itself in an unrelenting gastronomic delight Mark – thanks, amazing what is produced from the galley! As for “Pacific Wave” – well we chose her on her looks and we have not been disappointed, she sets the bar high. On top of all this, what a nature trail …. Endless fish of course, but additionally swimming with pelicans, helping baby leather back turtles, finding struggling tarantula’s, catching tuna for supper and so on and so on…

Thanks masses from Guy and Sarah, now to three smaller Davies”

“Thank you very much for a fantastic 7 days! I loved the snorkelling and thought the wakeboarding was great fun. It was wonderful to learn about how to use a winch and catching the tuna was an added bonus! Many thanks”

Oscar – aged 14

“Thank you both so much for this week. It has been fantastic and I have particularly enjoyed the snorkelling, waterskiing, drinking Ting and sunbathing, but to be honest l have loved it all! I will miss everything here when l go back to England, but l would like to come back here again to ‘Pacific Wave’ very soon!
Thanks masses again for the great food as well.

Phoebe –x- aged 12

“Thank you both for an excellent week on the ‘Pacific Wave’. It was a highlight of the whole year. Many of the activities l enjoyed are; snorkelling (once l finally got into the water!), looking for shells on some beaches, and many others. The food was delicious all through the week, and it was very relaxing sunbathing. Thank you again for a great week.”

Immy xxx – aged 10

Guy, Sarah, Oscar, Phoebe & Immy – Kent UKNew Year Charter 28.12 – 04.01.11 BVI – Family of 5

“That was great fun, and amazingly organized, not always the easiest thing to achieve when confronted with two quite small opinionated children.

Lynn & Mark ran Pacific Wave with absolute, but understated authority, very reassuring. Mark also worked hard sailing the boat, cooked brilliantly for all demands, and had young Rory clinging to him like an adoring limpet. Pacific Wave was great.
We have sailed quite a lot of boats and she handled beautifully and had a lovely ‘feel’ to the helm. Very splendid! Finally the BVI lived up to their billing with great weather, good (and very friendly winds) and spectacular anchorages.

A great experience, and long may Pacific Wave prosper.”

Mary and Patrick

“Thank you again for a great week, and for being so accommodating of the whims and behaviour of James and Rory. If you ever want to cruise Suffolk on a 26 ft yacht, you are welcome to borrow ours. Mark you could show Lynn all those riverside pubs!”


‘What a fantastic holiday, and beautiful boat! Thank you for looking after us all so well and putting up with all of our different – and often conflicting requests. The boys will have quite a shock when they get home to our small boat; Rory will just have to use his imagination to dream up what he will build us!
Thank you.”


“Wonderful holiday for three generations. Lovely sailing, fantastic meals and a splendid Christmas!
Thank you both so much.”


“Thank you! We had lots of fun.
Love James and Rory”

Mary, Patrick, Jo, Antony, James & Rory – London UKChristmas Charter 21.12 – 28.12.10 USVI/BVI – Party of 2 Couples & 2 Children

“In all ways, a perfect voyage – boat, crew, routes, harbours, food, company, the islands, weather, more food – you have given us a spectacular gift, and we have been happy in your care. Back next year!” – Michael, New York USA

“This week has fulfilled – and exceeded – our dreams of a perfect holiday in the Caribbean. The most wonderful, relaxed, pampered and altogether far-too-short few days! Mark, you astounded us with your creative culinary skills and Lynn, your organization and sailing. Thanks, both of you.” – Suzanne, Helen & John, Melbourne Australia

Michael - New York USA / John & Suzanne and Helen - Melbourne AustraliaThanksgiving Charter 27.11 - 04.12.2010 - USVI/BVI - 2 Couples

“An absolutely perfect vacation! You’re a wonderful couple and gave us the best vacation! Best ever!”


“We appreciated so much to be sailing on a ‘real’ sailboat with such a serious, and pleasant crew, that took such good care of the boat, as well as of the customers. The sailing was great. The food was great (thank you Mark in particular). Lynn, you were fabulous this week. And thank you for letting us participate in the sailing and the handling of the boat, in particular our teenagers Carl & Jenny, they appreciated that a lot.
We hope to be back soon!”


“Lynn & Mark

Thanks for giving me the best time of my life!
Sailing with you on your yacht was like visiting paradise!
It was really inspiring as well! Now I’m already planning to crew on a boat next year!
I hope we will see each other soon! Hopefully we can stay with you in the BVI next year!
Best wishes and thanks”


Sigbjorn, Patricia, Carl & Jenny – Stockholm SwedenCharter 31.10 – 07.11.10 Grenadines – Family of 4

“We had a lovely time, we though it was the best holiday ever!”

Ally & Loulou – Age 7 & 6 years
(Loulou celebrated her 6th birthday onboard Pacific Wave)

“We had the best time ever!
It was our dream holiday and it lived up to every expectation we had.
Thank you Lynn & Mark for such a lovely time.
Please come for dinner at Wisley Chase when you are passing through next time.

All our love”

Nicola, Matteo, Ally & Loulou xxx – Surrey UKCharter 23.10 – 30.10.10 Grenadines – Family of 4

“Lynn & Mark

Thank you both so much for a trip of a lifetime! We didn’t say because Hill doesn’t like all the attention, but it was Hill’s 40th birthday cruise and it could not have been more special – thanks to both of you. A perfect first cruise of many to come!”


“Pacific Wave is truly a Queen of the Sea. Your attention to detail made for the most enjoyable trip. Mark you turned non-eaters into feasters. Now it’s double time in the gym. A+ for professionalism.”


Maggie & Hill – Florida USACharter 24.07 – 31.07.10 Grenadines – 1 Couple

“Dear Lynn & Mark

Thank you both for a really enjoyable sailing experience. This was Phyllis’ first sailing trip and she could not have had a better crew – you have made a convert of her (my thanks for this!).

Pacific Wave is a very special boat (I’m very jealous) and you both made us feel very relaxed at all times (a great achievement given the market turmoil!!).

Your knowledge of the area was a great benefit and snorkeling (the first time for Phyllis) in the Tobago Cays was marvelous.

And talking about enjoyment, Mark’s meals were fantastic – we feel very spoiled.

Thanks for everything – you are truly great hosts.

Please do come visit us next time you are in the UK – we would love to see you both there.

Warm regards.”

Peter & Phyllis – London UKCharter 04.05 – 10.05.10 Grenadines – 1 Couple

“Dear Lynn & Mark

On behalf of the grown-ups… thank you for EVERYTHING! We felt special and spoiled the entire week. The anchorages were perfect – many were new to us in spite of several other bareboat charters in the BVI. The boat is special and gorgeous. And the food was beyond our wildest dreams. For all of us (kids too), some highlights are:

Avery’s first water ski
Wreck of the Rhone by snorkel!
Seeing one (or more) sea turtles each day
The sail from White Bay to Sopers Hole
Our ‘private beach’ on Mosquito Island
Keeping us away from the ‘bad fish’
Our night out together at Biras Creek & Saba Rock
Beatrix sleeping under the stars!
Isabel’s love of kayaking and starchy food … swimming around the boat
Getting to know you both a little and swapping tales

Thanks for the passage!

We hope that you’ll come North. It would be our pleasure to host you – and show you around land or/sea – in Rhode Island or Weston MA.


Meg, Jonathan, Carter, Avery, Beatrix & Isabel – Weston MA USACharter 18.04 – 25.04.10 BVI – Party of 3 Adults & 3 Children 15, 13 & 8 years

“Dear Lynn & Mark

We leave you rested and full of memories to keep for a lifetime! From the moment we stepped aboard until our day of departure you made us feel so welcome and comfortable, attending to our every need.

Thank you for allowing John to share the helm (he was in his glory), for filling us with your amazing meals, and showing us the beauty of both the US & British Virgin Islands. It was such a pleasure to get to know both of you, and we thank you for sharing Pacific Wave with all of us.

If you ever bring Pacific Wave to Nantucket please let us know perhaps we can return a bit of your wonderful hospitality.

Best wishes to you both.”

John, Donna, Lauren, Sara, Emily & Anne – New Jersey USACharter 02.04 – 07.04.10 USVI/BVI – Family of 6

“Dear Lynn & Mark

Thank you so much for making our inaugural sailing trip so very special! We had such a blast and will never forget our time together on Pacific Wave. You two were such gracious hosts. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Much love,
Mark, Elisabeth, Caroline & Walker

“Dear Lynn & Mark

This has been the best sailing trip I’ve ever been on, (it has been since it’s the first), but I’m sure it will be the best if l go on more.

Thank you!”

Caroline – age 11

Mark, Elisabeth, Caroline & Walker – Boston USACharter 22.03 – 29.03.10 USVI/BVI – Family of 4

“Dear Lynn & Mark

Sailing on Pacific Wave has been a relaxing, fun time. I have to admit that l approached this adventure with a bit of trepidation – would l be able to enjoy the voyage while worrying about ‘mal de mer’. Knowing that l had lots of support eased my concerns. You all were terrific. Your knowledge of the boat and the area helped me relax. Wonderful food, comfortable accommodation, and most of all, great company created lovely, memorable times. Merci.”

Barbara – Salt Lake City

“Lynn & Mark

Barbara & l thoroughly enjoyed this 7 day sail.
You both were just wonderful – sailing skills, attention to your guests & lovely personalities.
We so appreciate your professionalism, friendship, attention to every need, wonderful meals, and a fine ‘horses neck’ (Dark & Stormy). Thank you.
We recommend you highly, had a wonderful time and are grateful for your great hosting & captaincy.
Thank you.”

Jim (AKA Jimmy Bob) – Salt Lake City

“Dear Lynn & Mark

We have spent years bareboat chartering. What a pleasure it has been having you to plan our day sails with us, and providing such wonderful meals. It has been a spectacular voyage.

OK many superlatives have come your way from our entire crew. They are well deserved. But let me add what might be a unique thought. Pacific Wave and its crew created an atmosphere where three couples, friends but not yet comrades, turned the corner and developed feelings for each other that are deeper, richer and more enduring. What a gift we received from each other. The sun, the ocean, & Pacific Wave were essential. The two of you provided the ingredients to work the magic, thank you both.”

Michael – Salt Lake City

“Aboard Pacific Wave, a beautiful and elegant yacht handled by Lynn & Mark, a beautiful and elegant couple! Nonpareil service, sensational food, wonderful comradity. All in all a week to long remember. And, the added touch of captain to mate, and mate to captain referring to each other as ‘Darling’. You two are wonderful and deserve nothing but fair winds and smooth seas.

Tony & Carol – Salt Lake City

Barbara & Jim, Mary & Michael, Tony & Carol - Utah USACharter 22.02 – 01.03.10 Sint Maarten – St Barths – Anguilla – St Martin – Sint Maarten - 3 Couples

“Dearest Lynn & Mark

We were lucky to be with you for our honeymoon charter.

We searched long and hard for the right boat and crew for this most extraordinary moment in our lives. We placed our trust in you, and in Pacific Wave, and we were rewarded one-hundred fold!

We are so grateful to have spent this blissful week with you upon your magnificent yacht. She is a unique and singular experience floating in the World. She was meant for you and Mark, and we are blessed to have sailed with you both.

Lynn, you are our captain. Mark, you are a culinary inspiration. And now, you are our friends. We wish you and Pacific Wave the future you deserve, and send you our love and gratitude.”

Jennifer & Scott - Boston USACharter 31.01 – 07.02.10 BVI – Honeymoon Couple

“Lynn & Mark
Thanks so much for welcoming the Heher gang onto ‘Pacific Wave’ for such a wonderful cruise from St Thomas to Virgin Gorda and back. Highlights were many, too many to list, but here are some:
Fabulous Captain(s) & Chef/Crew – a great team!
Upwind trip from Cooper Island to Virgin Gorda
Run from Virgin Gorda to Peter Island
Great snorkeling & tubing
The Coffee Grinders
Calm, unique anchorages
The Shark (Tarpon in disguise) in Francis Bay
The Barracuda at Christmas Cove
The Sting Rays at Norman Island
Eggs (Poached), Tamarind & Lime Chicken, Summer Fruit Compote, Garlic & Tomato Shrimp, Salads & Salad Dressing. Everything served was delicious, nutritious and fresh, and in exactly the right portions
Thank you so much for making this our BEST VACATION
If you’re ever inclined to visit ‘New England’, we’ll be offended if you don’t call us. We could even visit Newport RI and look at sail boats!”

Eliot, Katrinka, Anneke, Eliot Jr, John, Abigail - Boston USANew Year Charter 26.12 – 02.01.10 USVI/BVI – Family of 6

“We had a splendid time. Circum-navigating Tortola, we snorkeled, swam, water-skied, ate (amazing food), and sailed!
Absolutely beautiful boat and the most wonderful, capable, friendly captain and mate!
Thank you!!”
Marc & Julia – New York
“What was more fun? Wakeboarding around Le Chiffre’s mega yacht, the divine poached eggs and bacon or seeing the genoa unfurl on the passage from Sopers Hole to Norman Island?
Getting the balance between looking after your guests and bothering them and letting them have a go at sailing and being in control is a fine art – which you do really well!
The boat is of course beautiful!
The excellent cooking solved the Caribbean food problem completely and left even the best restaurants (Biras Creek) in the shaded.
Thank you for a first class week! We hope to sail with you again sometime”
Simon – London
“Also had an excellent time! I loved wakeboarding, being under full sail and seeing the dolphins!”

Marc & Julia, Simon & Thomas - New York USA & London UKChristmas Charter 18.12 – 25.12.09 USVI/BVI – Party of 2 Adults & 2 Children

“Eight fabulous days aboard Pacific Wave, thank you Lynn and Mark. Very unfortunate that some of our party were forced to depart early, but all the more reason to come back again soon. The meals were outstanding and the islands and snorkeling just gorgeous. Pacific Wave is unsurpassed!”
Diana & Ian – Canada

“In the face of unexpected events, Lynn & Mark accommodated our needs and gave us a ‘home’ to return to. The last few days of sailing have been outstanding. The boat is immaculate and the food a continually unfolding gastronomic delight! I shall miss all the company, the laughter, learning about shepherding.
Come to Canada. We sail there too!
Thank you”
Diana – Canada

Diana, Ian & Diana - CanadaCharter 24.11 – 02.12.09 BVI – Party of 6 Adults

“Our second voyage on Pacific Wave, this time with the three kids. A magical trip again. You showed us beautiful scenery, stunning anchorages, wonderful times. And … the kids loved it! I have rarely seen them engaged to this extent. Thanks again for your hard work and companionship. We always feel safe with you guys.”

Guy, Isabelle, Mike, Steve & Lara – London & Gent BelgiumCharter 07.07 – 14.07.09 BVI - Family of 5

“Great trip, everything was wonderful, thank you! Good times, lots of laughs, enjoyed the ‘Forests’ (Pacific Wave special rum punches), all our meals, snorkeling, etc. Willie T’s quite the show ha ha! Happy Birthday me and Mark! (Christine celebrated her birthday onboard, the same day as Mark celebrated his). Enjoy!”

Bob & Christine – New Jersey USACharter 27.06 – 04.07.09 St Martin - St Barts - Anguilla - BVI - USVI - 1 Couple - 40th Birthday

“One word only: MAGIC …
We had a fantastic cruise thanks to your very professional skippering, your attention to detail and service. THANKS!.”

Guy & Isabelle - London EnglandCharter 19.04 - 26.04.09 St Lucia - Grenadines - St Lucia - 1 Couple

“Lynn, Mark & Helene you all gave us a great and memorable week aboard Pacific Wave. She is a beautiful, seaworthy boat and sails magnificently, a rare combination. Our sail to Nevis, Monserrat, Guadeloupe & Iles des Saintes was tremendous fun. You all looked after us wonderfully and worked so hard in some fairly lumpy seas. Mark’s work both above and below decks amazed us. Out one minute working the boat, the next producing terrific meals. We have both sailed all our lives and therefore really appreciate the hard work you put into making our week with you special.

Let us know if you bring Pacific Wave North we would love to see you there too.

Thank you all for a really terrific week.”

Hugh & Helene – New York USACharter 21.02 – 28.02.09 Antigua - Nevis - Monserrat - Guadeloupe - Les Saintes - Antigua - 1 Couple

“As a final touch to our two week holiday to Antigua Lynn & Mark took us all (6) on a fantastic adventure on their beautiful boat. We started off from Falmouth Harbour and set sail towards Green Island for a wonderful and delicious lunch followed by a nice swim and chilled rose wine on deck.

Thursday morning we had our ‘Scandinavian’ morning swim and tea, breakfast of fruits and croissants, before yet again setting sail to Carlisle Bay where ‘hundreds’ of turtles welcomed us and we had a lovely lunch and more rose ! We‘ve had a wonderful time with you both. Thank you so much for giving us this amazing final touch to our holiday. Lots of love xxxx”

Pernille, Gina, Tonja, Jan P, Oystim, Axel - Oslo NorwayCharter 07.01 & 08.01.09 Green Island, Antigua - 3 Couples

“A fabulous day out for the whole family. Lynn and Mark made us very welcome and it felt as though the boat was our own! A delicious lunch whipped up by Mark went down very easily along with a superb glass of white wine. Thank you both very much.”

John, Christine, Helen, Nicholas, Elisabeth, Jennifer Thizackerley & Somja - family from London, EnglandJanuary 2009 - Antigua - Family of 7

“Fantastic day to Green Island, Antigua. Absolute highlight for whole family from age 7 to 70! Lynn & Mark made our charter a totally relaxing, special experience.”

Alison, Mark, Giles, Eliza and Seb Thompson from Norfolk, England & Laura & Packer Wilbur from Southport, CT USADecember 2008 - Antigua - Family of 7
PACIFIC WAVE HAS BEEN SOLD! We are excited but sad to inform our valued guests, friends, suppliers, and all who have supported us over the last 12 years, that Pacific Wave is now under new ownership. Sincere thanks from us to all of you, and fair winds to the most beautiful yacht, our home and friend, the mighty Pacific Wave. Please contact us through the usual contact details for full information, or to finally know the secret recipe of our special PW Grog!