Margaret at the Helm Sir Francis Drake Channel

Encouraging young people to sail and dive

During our New Year Charter this year Margaret, the teenage daughter of our lovely guests from New York, really enjoyed sailing onboard Pacific Wave. We encouraged her to have a go at taking the wheel. I talked to Margaret about Ocean Star, a sail training boat that is based in the BVI during the summer months.

l was delighted when l received an email from Margaret a few weeks ago to say that she was en-route to the airport to fly out to the BVI, and that she had signed up with Ocean Star for a 20 day semester.

I’ve just found out how it went:

Hi Lynn!

It was an amazing time. We spent the first five days in the BVIs learning how to dive and work the basics of our vessel. We did our confined water dives so that when we got down island we could do some deeper things around reefs. We had some pretty long passages which were a great bonding time for the crew. Seeing the sunrise and or a sunset on watch definitely made any new crew member fall in love with sailing. It’s safe to say that our entire crew certainly caught the bug. I hope to be back some day and to do more trips like it, hopefully for longer.

Thanks for checking in and for encouraging me to do this! Wishing the best winds and weather to you all and Pacific Wave!


How good is that! This young girl has taken to sailing! She went off on her own leaving her two brothers behind, and she had a great time not only sailing but learning to dive at the same time.

Pacific Wave is proud that we gave her the encouragement to have a go.